Saturday, June 28, 2014

Art Journal time

I think I should give up on the fact that I will have a clean scraproom. I think the only way that will happen is it I pack it all up or stop crafting... not gonna happen... I have just enough space on my desk to work- about an 18x18 clear space.
I call it Creative Chaos... so I better create something I guess.

For the past week I have been slowly working on pages in my Art Journal-
finishing up pages I started months and months ago and even starting something new
I finished up this one the other night. From this to...
 This... Used my Faber Castell gelatos and markers. Awe, summer time...

Then colored it this stetch too. Some gelato and water color and then colored pencils to help with the shadows. I love coloring. To me it's so peaceful. I remember spending afternoons coloring with my kids and it was always awesome to get a new box of crayons!

I worked on this last night and this morning. Started with a base of scraps and then whitewashed over both pages for texture. Then some more paint and some journaling. 

I may just work on something new today... but what??

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cleaning equals inspiration?

Sounds crazy right? But for me, every time I "plan" to clean the scraproom I seem to get inspired to create something.

Earlier this month I started my "Spring" Cleaning. I got some things cleaned up and cleared out and left  my scraproom to the end. Or better yet, the place I could go and be distracted a bit. I knew it would take the longest. Since I always seem to be in a constant dilemma with every piece of paper and trim I pick up.
In between laundry loads and overheating the paper shredder I went in there to see what or where I could start.
Baby steps... first, dump the trash- there I can see some process- HAA!

Next I worked to clear off the desk. I started with whatever was right in front of me, creating a few small piles along the way.
*Thickers and alpha's piled up and bagged.
*Precut PL sized cardstock in a basket
*Handcrafted/ personally designed PL cards in a different basket
*PL "purchased" cards sorted by design and manufacture filed in a basket
*Pens, scissors and tools put in the proper drawers
*Sprays and  stamps put back
WooHoo! I see desk and a lot of it. As I was putting these things away, I started to create my use first pile (bucket). You know those little things that make you go "oooh, I can't wait to use this" or "don't throw that away, I'm going to use it". As I was sorting through that pile I became inspired. Half used cardstock sticker sheets, a collection of misc embellishments, strips of cardstock, tags, all the little bits and pieces I love to collect and have every intention to use.
Suddenly an idea... AND I have clear desk space...

Yup, crafters A.D.D. I'm sure you all know exactly what I am talking about. Start to craft something or clean up something and then instant inspiration and the need to craft. Yup, that's me!

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!
My clean desk was "CLEAN" for less than 10 minutes! Suddenly the cardstock basket was back out, adhesive and scissors, pens and alpha sticker bag was emptied again...but it was all good... I was inspired.

First a few cards... from cardstock scraps- stamps and a pen
 More paper scraps- this time I used a 2 different punches and some rub-ons from a Scrap for a Cure kit...yes, I have had them THAT LONG!

I think I ended up creating about 8 different cards with leftovers from my bucket. Then I found a half used cardstock sticker sheet. This one I have been hoarding, it was one of my favorites from Allison Kreft and Echo Park: Everyday Eclectic
I created these 5 PL sized cards and a layout!

I was so happy with all that I made. I could have crafted for hours...SuddenlyI remembered I was SUPPOSED to be cleaning. Oh well... can't stop inspiration when it shows up.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

sorting, cleaning and purging

My spring cleaning started a bit late this year but it is happening none the less. I started in my least favorite spot, my closet. I have clothes in there that are my favorites that I've worn too much...faded, torn or just out right "used"...clothes that are still pretty new and no longer fit...that's an entirely different problem... and even clothes that I have some kind of crazy weird attachment too.

A few black bags later, I donated a lot of things to a reuse, recycle group that a friends was supporting as a service project. Success!

Next, books and paper... There is entirely too much paper in my house! AND this does not even account for all the CRAFTING paper and supplies I have! URGH. I have overheated my shredder on more than one occasion. We went through the kids books and worked it in with a Girl Scout Book Drive and cleared out an entire shelf. Success!

Twice now I have attempted to clean and organize the scraproom. Generally, I am pretty organized in there. I have places for MOST things but I have too much stuff and somehow it always ends up looking like this...

So once again, I have created a try to sell pile, a donate pile and some things just ended up in the trash. Since I tossed so much before, there wasn't much to toss. Now it's mostly to try and sell...which mean pictures and listings. Time consuming right now so I shifted gears.

Computer File clean up...
Another TASK to say the least. My last photo transfer from my camera to my computer- FEBRUARY! Really? I just moved over 600 photos, created folders and stared to sort through blurry and duplicate images and labeling the ones to keep. Time consuming, yes, but then you come across photos like this and it makes it all worth it!

Talk about THROWBACK!!

First day of Kindergarten 2005

And then... Last Night! This is is off to High School!!

Or this munchkin... Preschool 2009

And this morning... Last day of 4th grade

Back to cleaning up... who knows what else I will find! I may even be inspired enough to clean off the scrap desk and create something...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ready for a Pen Pal?

As I began searching for information about pen pals and how to get groups started, I can across several sites with information. Most of them posted RULES first. It's a bummer that something as "simple" as finding a pen pal needs "RULES" but then again, they are helpful.

I realized it will help everyone in the group to start off the same and helps to set a level of expectation. I found info on ehow, pen pal party and on the blog Craft Revival if you would like to check out those sites. I took a few essential things from each.

I love the blog link because, like us, she is a crafter. I can't wait to go back and read more of her posts... but back to our group guidelines. I want to say upfront, this is "new" for me, and I am always up for comments and suggestion. But for now...

Send it with a Stamp Guidelines:

1. Each member should start with a Pen Pal Wanted Post. Please note in your post if you would like me to help you find a pen pal or if you would like to review the list and choose your own.

2. Each correspondence should contain at least 1 handmade item, such as a card or tag.

3. Correspondence should be at least once a month. You and your pen pal may increase your correspondence, it is up to you. When you receive a letter you should reply within 30 days.

4. Begin each message with a pleasant greeting.

5. Respond first to the news and information that your pen pal shared in his or her last message.

6. Follow this with your own news briefing, share things that are going on with you.

7. Keep your tone upbeat.

8. Avoid Controversial topics. No solicitations, personal business promotions, recruitment or sharing of other member’s personal information. This is a newly forming friendship, not a leads list.

9. Be yourself, you are not trying to impress anyone.

10. Remember we are here to make new and lasting friendships with fellow crafters and people with similar interests; this is not just about getting “stuff”.
If you add a little gift to your mail, great, but it does not have to be big and it does not need to happen every time. Some ideas include: a usable gift tag or card, twine, a few project life cards, stickers, etc. Do NOT send loaded gift cards or money…that’s not what this is about. Personalize it for YOUR pen pal.

Are you ready??

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Send it with a Stamp

When was the last time you received Happy Mail? Not a birthday card or a Christmas card, and not the scrappy stuff you purchased and are excited to receive, but an expected envelope, hand written or decorated just for you?
Don't get me wrong, I love birthday cards and the Holiday cards with the letters and family photos, but wouldn't it be more fun to go out to your mail box and among the bills and junk mail shoved in there, you have a bit of happy. Just the thought of it puts a smile on my face.

In the Project Life facebook group I am in, the topic of pen pals came up. It was exciting to see how many people are interested in getting back to old school communications. Searching it on google & instagram, I was surprised at how many people actually participate in pen pal swaps and can't wait to get back into this classic trend.
I have not had a pen pal since I was 7 years old and I remember loving it. My pen pal was a neighbor and it started as a school assignment, learning how to properly address envelopes and write letters. We continued for fun, sending stickers, coloring pages and even sticks of gum through the mail to each other. We lived  2 streets away and played together almost every day but we continued. It was all about the surprise.
Then I found out we were moving. As a kid, moving away from what you are used to is pretty devastating. It was like the end of the world. As friends, our only comfort was that we would still be pen pals. It continued on for about 4 years and slowly it came to a stop. Thinking back, I wish we could have continued on as pen pals and friends, but we just drifted apart.

With social media, it's easy to feel like we know what's going on with everyone care about. We have lost the art of sending cards- handwritten, not typed, greetings, blessings, congratulations and condolences. There are so many of us who are ready to get back to it, that I started our own facebook group. A way for us crafters to connect and form long distance friendships. Interested in playing along? Contact me and I will invite you.

Time to go buy some stamps :) I can't wait!