Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Did it work?

I decided to take a look at how to update my blog by email.  It just might help me be more consistent... Maybe
Let's see if this works.

100 Days

Saw this hashtag on instagram 
 I was immediately interested... I consider myself to be a happy person, but there are those days when I let other people get me down and sometimes I get in so much of a funk, that I have a hard time finding myself. Here we go...
100 Happy Days! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

another 6x6 paper pad- gone...

I am a sports gal and enjoy a good game. So on football Sunday's crafting in the kitchen gives me time to hang out with the hubby and craft at the same time. Crafting in the kitchen also means limited supplies and a mess that needs to be easy to clean up.
Here's my starting point-

Another mostly intact 6x6 paper pad- this one from Crate Paper. Oh, and another single sided paper pad which means white journaling spots! I also grabbed my stash of mostly used thicker sheets. I have a bunch of brand new/complete sets that I don't want to open just yet. I would like to work through these first. And my Yellow-Green embellishment drawer.

I also have a stash of 1/2" Kraft paper strips which I love for accents and I grabbed my mini alpha stamps. With just a couple pieces of paper and a few trimmer cuts, 4- 3x4 project life journaling cards are about done.
Grabbed the thicker sheets and stickers and added a few accents/words and they are ready to go!
My goal for the day was 50 cards- but more importantly to work through another 6x6 paper pad. Not bad for a football game and evening of work. I created 32 cards and used up the entire paper pad and finished off most of a thickers set. Here's just a few-
(Sorry about the shadow, I was running out of light at the time and forgot to recapture the image.)
Slowly but surely, I am using up all the great stuff I have in my stash and getting myself ready for another year of project life. WooHoo!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend crafting- use your stash

As you may know, right now I am all about using my stash-
Using all that stuff I had to have in my scrap room.
All those things that were so cute that I had to have, and so cute that I bought 12x12 sheets and 6x6 pads...
I look back now and wonder what the heck I was thinking.
Some of it, I still like now, some things I look at and I just wonder why, oh why??

I have sorted and purged a number of times, most things being donated or given away to friends with a few things making it straight into the recycle bin. Last week I found out a lady from a scrap group I am part of was hosting a charity crop for the March of Dimes- Perfect! I have stuff to send her way!
As I was getting those boxes ready I found a small stash of 6x6 pads that I had. I set them aside because I knew they would be the next things I needed to work with.
My goal was to use it all- in some way or another, use it up. So I grabbed limited supplies and headed to the kitchen table so I could watch football with the family. I started with a mostly intact 6x6 Basic Grey paper pad, some black and white cardstock and my handy dandy ATG.
As I flipped through this paper, I remembered why I liked it so much, but in the same moment, remembered why I had not used it. This was one of those products that I bought a 12x12 collection pack, coordinating cardstock and the 6x6 pad... too much!
I remember using it on layouts and cards and a banner and then getting tired of the same colors and patterns, so it got put away in a drawer and has pretty much sat there ever since. One thing I noticed about this paper pad was that the paper was single sided, white on the back! Whoo Hoo! That is a definitely a plus since I am determined to use it all. Now I can save my white cardstock for something else.

After a few hours I had a stack forming-I created 13 greeting cards- Bases only, no embellishments yet, reminding myself the goal for the day was to use up the paper.

Since I was using a black cardstock as a base, my cards need a writing space. The white side of the paper was perfect for this. As I was cutting the paper down I saved all of the smaller pieces to use along the way-
I love layers, so many of these cards ended up with 2-3 patterns per card.

Then I switched over to project life cards- Again, bases only, designed to be mostly 3x4 journaling cards-

By the end of the night, I had created 13 greeting cards and 16 project life cards AND used up the entire 6x6 paper pad! No, I did not use every single scrap or piece but I used enough of it that I did not feel as if I was tossing money in the trash.
After dinner, I made it back into the scrap room and dug out my embellishments-
Here are a  few cards so show the end results

A mish mash of embellishments- assorted chipboard pieces, buttons, flowers, cardstock stickers. Whatever matched.. Most of these cards will be donated to Operation Write Home, but I want to create more so I can send a box over. 
I had a pretty productive Saturday and guess what...more foottball tomorrow! What else can I make??


If you follow along with me on my blog, with my occasional-inconstant updates, I appreciate you!
I have had so many conversations with my friend about giving up on my blog because I feel like I am horrible at it. But then each time we talk about it it always comes back to the simple question, "why do you blog?"
For me, it's to share...
Share what I have made, what I have created and things I have tried. To share my creative side.

So that's what I am here to do...share.
Hopefully you'll find something you like, something to try or just a little bit of spark or inspiration.